may projects

Despite the fact that my knitting basket is currently holding two projects started in the winter that I haven’t touched in months, the following are the ones that I consider to be my current works in progress.

1. Monkey sock by Cookie A. found on


I’m really enjoying this so far. It’s an engaging pattern but not too complicated; I don’t find myself having to refer back to the chart before I knit each stitch. It’s a good thing there is a high degree of ease to this sock because I was close to giving up on Cookie A. designs forever after several unsuccessful attempts at Pomatomus with DG Confetti and much smaller needles. Thank goodness I tried Monkey with Sweetgeorgia Yarn, because her patterns are so lovely, it would have been a shame. Seriously though, I frogged the cuff and first few repeats of Pomatomus a total of 6 times before giving up altogether. Apparently, I’m not ready for “piquant” sock patterns and should stick to the easier “tangy” ones. Or, I just need to try again with different yarn and try to relax about it.

2. Log Cabin baby blanket for the niece/nephew-to-be.

log cabin

I’m using the instructions for log cabin knitting from Mason-Dixon Knitting. The blanket is progressing slowly, but only because I got distracted by certain fish-themed sock patterns, and I generally tend to do things at the last minute. I also didn’t want to take it camping with me two weekends ago because the smell of campfire wasn’t something I was willing to deal with while knitting the blanket that never ends. I need to get going on this though, as the little Bean is due on June 23rd. I have a sneaking suspicion s/he will be early though, just to mess with my sister. Heh. The yellow yarn has a different gauge than the rest of the Amazon DK cotton, which obviously wasn’t planned but I needed a bright yellow and they didn’t have any in the Amazon. Thus, it’s a bit uneven on that side but I’ve started holding two strands of the yellow together, and hopefully (fingers crossed!) blocking will fix everything.

Off to work at the theatre now.


One thought on “may projects

  1. Wow, your log cabin looks amazing! I wish I had pictures of mine up . . . but it made a great baby gift . . . you have such wonderful colors in yours, I’m sure they’ll love it 🙂

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