Disaster has struck. I have started the log cabin baby blanket over from scratch. As in, from the beginning. Started it over. The progress made thus far is null and void. This comes sixteen days before Joyce’s due date. Gah!

It wasn’t working out because I consistently didn’t pick up enough stitches on one side so it was progressively getting smaller/shorter on the pink/yellow side. Despite my denial (“it’ll be okay once I block it”) and my attemps to stretch it out (“PULL! Harder!”), I have come to terms with the reality of the situation.

SIGH. I hate being a perfectionist! I don’t consider myself to be a beginner knitter either, so I feel particularly foolish making this mistake. I blame my non-committal relationship with the log cabin and the occasions I picked up stitches after several pints of beer. Really though, I want to start over and give my full attention and love and care into every stitch of this blanket, because the little one who will be receiving it definitely deserves it. I consider that first attempt a learning experience. It will be great eventually. It will, right?

In other news, my yarn swift arrived safely and exactly as it was described on eBay. Here it is set up in my kitchen in spinning motion!

new swift

Yesterday I attended the convocation ceremony where I received my undergrad degree in sociology. It was cheesy and long but at the same sentimental and nice. Here’s me as my name is being called, before I walk across the stage.


Silas’ sister sent me the best grad gift which arrived in the mail with perfect timing. Yesterday was a good mail day! I don’t have specific plans for it yet, but I would like to make socks and forever refer to them as my graduation socks.

grad gift

Wish me luck on the log cabin. My Monkey socks are still progressing well but I think they’ll take a seat on the back burner as I try to churn on a baby blanket in less than 3 weeks.


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