cricket cricket.

fibre galore
Oh, summer.

Sorry so quiet. I went away for the long weekend and I’m still working away at the log cabin, now even more furiously than I was before because my niece was born this morning. Her name is Tomma and she and mom (my sister Joyce) are doing well. I’m so thrilled to be an auntie for the third time! I can’t wait to meet her.

So yes. It has been quiet. Did I mention I learned how to spin? I learned from a friend’s mom who was kind enough to lend me one of her wheels to get the hang of it and see if I have a taste for it. Fibre folks really are the nicest people.

There has been spinning. Uneven, frustrating spinning, but still spinning nonetheless. There has been knitting, just not very exciting knitting. I’m slogging along. It’s hard to update a knitting blog when all you’re knitting is long strips of garter stitch. I’m hoping to finish this blanket this week and send it off in the mail, and after that I have a list of projects to finish/tackle.

A knitting to-do list, of sorts:

• finish ribbed purple scarf (which was started last fall)
• finish up my pair of Monkeys
• finish the felted yoga mat bag from Last Minute Knitted Gifts
• knit toe-up short row heel socks out of Watermelon Tourmaline STR
• fall project: Sunrise Circle Jacket by Kate Gilbert with some orange tweed in my stash

Talk to you soon!


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