lack of finished objects

I suppose a lack of finished objects makes for a very boring knitting blog. There has been lots and lots of garter stitch. I’ve been reading a whole shwack load of knit blogs and spending a lot of time (thus getting very addicted) to Ravelry. I am feeling inspired by all the projects I’ve seen/read about but I won’t let myself start anything new until I finish my current project. There’s a good post on Annie Knits that expresses exactly how I’m feeling.

This weekend I’m going to a big hippie fest and will spend a lot of time in the bush finishing up that darn log cabin blanket. Slog slog slogging along.

My goal is to have it finished Sunday July 29 so that S. can take it with him when he goes to visit our future home in Victoria. (Grumble grumble… he’ll meet my niece before I do!)

Wish me luck. Oh, and if you’re wishing me luck please throw in a little extra for packing up all of my belongings by Sunday July 29 so it can be packed up in a truck and driven to the west coast.

Stress? Just a bit.


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