happy ness

The last four days were spent in the boreal forest of northern Saskatchewan at the Ness Creek Music Festival. It was a lovely weekend full of sun, heat, camping, dirt, stinky outhouses, hippies high on life (and other substances), beautiful stars in the night sky, northern lights, and good friends.

There was swimming in Nesslin Lake and lounging on the beach:


beach bums

Cuddling and reading with S. in a hammock:


Delicious food provided at the community kitchen:

community kitchen
At Ness Creek, there’s a community kitchen where everyone contributes food and the awesome volunteers make a big communal supper for everyone using the ingredients.

Good music and dancing barefoot in the sand:

main stage

And an impromptu stitch & bitch of sorts:

A good weekend. And ahead of me is a week of furious knitting and packing.

More photos here.


One thought on “happy ness

  1. You’re moving??? My husband and I have been on the verge of heading to B.C. for 20 years. We have to wait until the stars are more aligned. Are you going for work? Looks like Ness Creek was fun, but there is no way on earth I could get Mike there. I may drag him to Waskesiu later this summer.
    Good luck with the packing and the move. Keep blogging!

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