Proof that I’m still working on the log cabin:

f & k & j
Please excuse the ultra-yellowness of the photo. Now that it is August, I’m getting terribly sentimental about everything, since we leave this lovely town in 28 days. For example, last night at stitch & bitch, where the above photo was taken, I kept thinking, “I’m going to miss this so much. This is my fourth last stitch & bitch.” However, I am looking forward to checking out some knitting groups in Victoria and meeting new people who are crazy like me knit.

When I’m not slogging along, I can be found looking and obsessively clicking this:


Oh Ravelry. I’m trying to keep my queue of projects reasonable and I have realized that my humble stash is nothing compared to some of you out there. I also destashed about 10 skeins last night to my lovely knitting companions. This is bad news because it gives me reason to splurge a little once we make the move. Did I mention I’ll be living within very close proximity to Beehive?

Most of my worldly possessions are in Victoria, BC now, including my stash and needles. I obviously didn’t finish the log cabin by July 29, as Silas left for Victoria on Monday, and it is pictured in my possession in a photo from Tuesday. Oh well, now I’ll get to deliver it in person. I just cast on that purple thing in the round, borrowing some needles from Kirsti. It’s just a quick distraction from the blanket for a friend’s birthday.

In other non-stitchy news, the weather has finally given us a break after two weeks of hot, unbearable humidity and 30ºC or higher temps. Yesterday it rained and today is a lovely breezy 23ºC which makes me much more pleasant to be around. I was able to turn on the stove without sweat instantly forming in my pores.


2 thoughts on “breezy.

  1. I laughed when I read about your proximity to Beehive. I remember Joyce talking about how she was going to take you there back when her and Dan lived there and you were coming to visit.
    Is Silas in Victoria full time now? I heard that a friend of mine Simon showed him around UVic Law.

  2. Hi there, found your blog through a trail of other blogs. Don’t forget to visit Boutique de Laine in Oak Bay when you get to Victoria. They are smaller than the Beehive, but have different yarn and are very nice (also right by a great beach). Hope your move goes smoothly!
    A fellow Victorian,
    craftybird aka Robin

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