Okay. I’m SO close to finishing the log cabin. This is what it looked like on Friday.


Except now it has another orange strip on the left side and the yellow strip on the bottom has just been started.

Question: do you think I should leave it at 7 strips on each side, or go for 8? I’m going to do a border as well.

This weekend I picked up the Monkeys that I started months ago and am just at the heel of the first sock. I think I’ll actually have a FO to show you soon! This month has been so hectic as I am wrapping up at both of my jobs and trying to cram in as much friend love as possible. This Friday I am a bridesmaid in my former roommates’ wedding, and the weekend after that is our going away party and then yet another wedding at which Silas and I will be photographers. And then, three days later we’re leaving the province and setting out on a new adventure.

So the knitting content may be a little sparse in the next few weeks. As Megan says, between the stitches there is life.


3 thoughts on “question

  1. Hey Jen! Sounds like you’re going to have a very busy rest of the month! I’ve been reading here and there after you friended me on Ravelry. If you’re ever free on a Tuesday night when you get to Victoria, hope to see you at one of the “Bitchy Bees” knit nites! 🙂

    Mary (aka marydotmusic)

  2. Hey, nice blanket! I think being busy will make the rest of the month fly by- good luck with the move! (Just read one of Silas’s reviews in the SP this morning. He does have a way with words, doesn’t he?)

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