hello from the island!

Hello! We made it to Victoria in one piece, with only one minor mishap involving our bike rack. Don’t worry, the bikes are still intact, but it was a terrifying few minutes when we looked in the rearview mirrors and saw only one set of tires behind.

For those of you just tuning in, my partner Silas and I just moved from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan to Victoria, British Columbia.

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We left Saskatoon the evening of Tuesday August 28th after a teary goodbye in front of my old apartment building. Our dear friends Katie, Steph, Lori, and Ferron came to see us off. We were only going to Si’s parents farm that night but it was the beginning of our long epic drive towards the Pacific. Luckily, we were treated to a beautiful late summer sunset, the kind that only a prairie horizon can give you.

so long saskatchewan

It was so perfect and bittersweet. I had tears in my eyes all the way to North Battleford. We made it to the farm, and got an early start the next morning at 6am. After a brief stop in Camrose to say goodbye to Sarah, we were on our way. We took a lot of photos and made a few silly videos on my little Canon.

We drove through Jasper, only stopping for gas, and saw goats and elk frolicking along the side of the highway. Everything through the Rockies was A-OK.

day 3

British Columbia welcomed us! We stopped that night in a town called Valemount, about 40 minutes past the BC-Alberta border.

bc-alberta border

The bike incident happened just outside of Kamloops. We had to pull over rather abruptly on a steep incline and readjusted the bikes. One of the brackets holding my bike frame came loose but luckily the other one held. It was fixed right up with a bit of duct tape and we were back on our way. It was the only thing that caused us anxiety on the trip, which seems pretty good. We couldn’t see out any of our back windows because the car was stuffed to the ceiling with our belongings, but that didn’t prove to be too big of a problem.

We made it to my parents’ house in Vancouver where we were stuffed full of Korean food and enjoyed a nice soak in a hot tub. Then it was off to the ferry the next morning.


And we made it! We stayed with my sister and brother-in-law that night, where finally (finally!) I got to a) meet my newest niece Tomma and b) give the log cabin blanket to her as a belated birthday gift.


I think she likes it.

she likes it.

So we’re here. Silas has started school and I have been enjoying visiting my sister, Dan, and Tomma every day. I am a lady of leisure these days, but the job hunt will start soon. There are more knitterly things I can share with you, but I’ll save that for another post in the very near future.


4 thoughts on “hello from the island!

  1. Jason used to live in Valemount! There’s a coffeeshop there that used to be a house – that he lived in! We didn’t go in there when we went, and I regret that. Also, Tomma is SO CUTE.

  2. So glad your trip was mostly smooth! I love taking the north route to the coast, but we always seem to go through Calgary instead of Edmonton.

    Hope you get settled in and find gainful employment that you love (or at least like). I’m watching for your updates!


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