what fall brings.

Sometimes I am amazed by how quickly time passes without even really noticing it. Silas and I have been residents of Victoria for a month and a half now but it still only feels like last week that we were driving through the Rockies to get here. September seemed to go by slowly, being without employment and all, but looking back I don’t know where all that time went. I was baking and cooking so much, watching episodes of CSI back to back on cable television (oh the luxury!), and getting quite comfortable as a domestic goddess.

I have since found employment, so my days have seen a significant decrease in leisure activities, but this is probably for the better. I don’t know how many times one can rearrange the art on their walls before it becomes a problem. The job itself is pretty decent. It’s vaguely related to the work experience I’ve had, has a low level of responsibility, and will allow us to eat and pay rent until I find that excellent job out there with my name and qualifications on it. In the meantime, I’ll enjoy the routine, the business attire, and the casual Fridays.

happy trails

We’ve taken to exploring something outdoorsy on the weekends. A couple weekends ago we went to East Sooke and went on a little hike before it started pouring rain. Today, Silas, Joyce, Tomma, and I went to Thetis Lake regional park and hiked a 5km trail. My poor, sleep deprived, trooper of a sister walked it with Tomma on her chest in the Baby Bjorn on some pretty steep inclines. She said it was like being pregnant again. Dear Tomma slept through the whole hike.

bjorn again.

It was a beautiful fall morning and we met so many friendly folks and their dogs on the trail.

i'm short
I’m short.

my best pals
Fall colour.

I’m plugging away at the Tilted Duster but I had the urge for instant gratification last night, so I cast on Saartje’s Booties. I knit one super quick late last night and finished up the second one today.


This is an excellent pattern I’ve been seeing all over the place and now I know why. I can see myself making many pairs in the future. I used Patons Classic Wool I had leftover from Tomma’s wool soaker. Now her diaper cover will match her feeties.


3 thoughts on “what fall brings.

  1. Talk about hair on that baby! I have the pattern for those booties but never made them. I may have to now; they’re too cute.

    You guys left in the nick of time. Provincial election next month, so the usual “leaking” of plans, name-calling, and stealing the candidate’s sign off my front lawn (really!) has started. Time to retreat into my fibre cocoon.

  2. Hi Jen!
    I love love LOVE those booties! I totally want to make them. I am getting back into knitting and crocheting and generally being crafty. I’m very excited about it all and am just about done my first project in about 2 years… a hat. :o)

  3. I am making a pair of those for my brother and his wife who are having a baby. They are so damn cute! I am getting really excited about all the cute baby patters.

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