a labour of love.

My first sweater is complete! I finished the last touches on the Tilted Duster last night, repositioning the buttons three times and weaving in all the ends. Hurrah!

finished object

It’s not perfect, but it’s handmade and appeared right before my fingertips, so I can let go of my perfectionist leanings and look past the minor flaws (namely, the shotty job I did on seaming the arms).


It was made with Berroco Peruvia, the recommended yarn, and it is from the fall issue of Interweave Knits. I’m writing about it like the people reading this blog aren’t knitters, but let’s be serious. You all know this sweater and you know the pattern was written by the lovely Norah Gaughan.

look ma!

I had debated using Misson Falls as a substitute yarn, but none of their colours jumped out at me. When Beehive got their shipment of Berroco Peruvia and I saw this greyish brown with tiny flecks of blue, I knew this was the yarn that would make my first sweater.


I found the buttons at Button & Needlework Boutique. The only modifications were adding the third button and making the collar a bit longer than the pattern called for. The third button was intentional, and the longer collar just sort of happened because ribbing is hard to measure. I like the way it turned out.

my first sweater.

Overall, I am quite happy with it. It was such a quick knit too; I cast on early to mid-October. A few notes of wisdom for folks who plan to knit this: it is a snug knit, so don’t expect to wear anything but a thin shirt underneath and the collar just appears out of nowhere, so be sure to measure regularly when you’re knitting it. Luckily, I like a big collar but I can see how it would annoy me if I didn’t. Even though I’ve been knitting for five years, I had never attempted a sweater until now. I don’t know what it was because I’ve managed to knit mammoth, never-ending projects comprised of a gagillion stitches before, so it wasn’t the fear of commitment or endurance. Whatever it was, I’m over it and now I’m already seeking out the next sweater I’d like to knit.

my first sweater

(Please excuse the leftover decorations from a surprise party we threw.)

Now I’m off to document this on Ravelry! Happy Tuesday.


14 thoughts on “a labour of love.

  1. Okay, now I consider myself a veteran sweater knitter so trust me when I say your sweater rocks! Great job! For a first sweater you did a phenomenal job. Next thing you know you’ll be working those Arans like they’re child’s play 🙂

  2. Hey Jen!
    Knice sweater 🙂 Awesome job!
    Couldn’t help but notice you got the yarn from Beehive! I used to work there when I lived in Vic. Now I’m in freezing Montreal doing graduate studies (from which I’m currently procrastinating) and pining for a good yarn shop like Beehive! *sigh*

    I’m planning on doing the tilted duster too, my biggest problem is whether I should stash bust, or buy one of these yummy peruvia colours…then I have to decide which colour! *sigh* decisions! decisions!

  3. This sweater is absolutely GORGEOUS! I love it. I’m glad you wrote about where you found it because I am new to knitting, but I’d love to knit this someday!

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