Sigh. I didn’t finish my Christmas knits. They are oh so close to being finished, and I fully intend to send them to the recipients in the mail after this week. I don’t know what it was. I was on schedule to finish them, even if it meant knitting into the wee hours of the night on Christmas eve. Then on December 22, I started shopping for other gifts. You know, to supplement the knitted gifts I was going to give, because really what three and one year old child gets excited about a sweater on Christmas? Little did I know, I was self-sabotaging. Somewhere in my subconscious I thought “If I have these other toys to give them, then it’ll be okay if I don’t finish the kniting.”

Oh well. The kids will never know and the parents will be thrilled to get a little surprise in the mail in early January, amongst all the credit card bills and belated Christmas cards.

I did finish a pair of baby legwarmers for Tomma. They were knit with Knitcol Trends by Adriafil. I love the striping sequence and the brown and white bits that resemble a siwash.

baby legwarmers

I think 2008 will be a good year for crafting, as I have acquired a few tools for expanding my craft repertoire. More on that later!


2 thoughts on “

  1. crafting on a deadline sucks.
    I told everyone that end of january is the new yule. the way i figure it is that if you give gifts for hanukkah/solstice/christmas then people lose them amidst the rest of the ‘stuff’. Presents by mail in jan are much more memorable.


  2. I knit myself a pair of legwarmers a few years ago using sock wool. I think they’re neat, but few share my enthusiasm. Your ittle ones are cute!

    I’d rather get presents and Christmas cards in January than credit card bills.

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