Hi there. Perhaps you’ve found me through Jen Likes Knitting. Welcome! I found that keeping a blog solely dedicated to crafts was restrictive. I was feeling all kinds of weird pressure and was beating myself up for not having any interesting content because I was knitting at a snail’s pace, so I decided to move everything over to a URL that wasn’t so specific. It may seem like a small detail, but I like this address much better. I hope you will too!

I am continually amazed by how much inspiration can be found online. Hours have been spent pouring over Flickr groups, or click click clicking through all the bazillion blogs and tutorials. I need to remind myself that all that time spent on looking at crafts takes time away from actual crafting.

So. It is almost the end of January, and I’d like to remind myself of the simple resolutions I’ve made for myself this year.

1. Sit up straight.
2. Read more.
3. Write more letters.
And two more late additions:
4. Take better photographs.
5. Do less and do more.


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