in like a lion.

Did you miss it? That blink of time that was February? Am I the only one that thinks it’s weird that it is already March 4th? This year is speeding by and I feel like I need to stop and smell the flowers more often which is quite possible now that I’ve seen flowers buds and cherry blossoms blooming. I forgot that spring in this part of the world starts when the rest of the country hasn’t yet begun the thaw. I’m certainly not complaining.

In my attempts to get started on spring cleaning, I organized my embroidery floss one evening last week. The tangle of threads and hanks were kept in an old plastic “Le Kit” (remember those?) pencil box from elementary school, when my craft of choice was making friendship bracelets. I should have taken a “before” picture complete with the purple box covered in Lion King stickers but alas. Here is the “after” picture which is a cheerful reminder of the coming spring colours.


Last weekend I went to Vancouver with Joyce and Tomma. My niece Jessica’s 4th birthday is tomorrow, so she had her birthday celebrations on the weekend. Jessica had three birthday parties: one with her mom’s side of the family, one with us, and one with her friends. I finished the Molly bolero (from Debbie Bliss’ Junior Knits) that I had started last year as a Christmas gift, but didn’t finish by the time Christmas rolled around. Jen (my sister-in-law) wrote me an email on Monday to let me know that Jessica wanted to sleep in it on Saturday night and insisted she get to wear it her party. What a sweetheart. Jen also told me a story about how they had found an old Barbie doll from Jen’s childhood (in the late 70s) who was wearing a handknit sweater. Jen was trying to remember who knit that sweater for her doll (it was most likely one of her mom’s friends) and little Jessica said “Maybe Auntie Jen knit it!”

molly sweater

The sweater is a bit too big because my gauge was a bit off. Bigger is definitely better when it comes to kids’ knits though. I would be so choked if she grew out of it in a month. I recommend the pattern but I don’t think I’ll work with Cotton Ease again because I am a yarn snob and didn’t like the feel of it while knitting.

Let me tell you about some yarns that I loved working with. I made the “Out of Retirement” hat from the Yarn Girls’ Guide to Knits for All Seasons out of Shibui Baby Alpaca and Berroco Ultra Alpaca held together. I’ve looked at a few of the Yarn Girls’ books before but nothing really caught my eye. But after seeing SouleMama‘s post with her version of the hat, I was sold. Plus, I found the cutest heart shaped button at Three Bags Full on the weekend. Three Bags Full is easily my favourite yarn shop in Vancouver; you should visit if you get the chance.

In non-craft related news, my dear friend Rachel has been in town staying with us for the past two weeks and soon my other dear friend Dan (Rachel’s partner) will be joining us. It will be pretty cozy with four people sharing 650 square feet, but their company is definitely worth it. Oh! A couple weekends ago Silas and I went to Seattle to see the Mountain Goats. I went to So Much Yarn so I’ll show you what I got. I also have cheesy touristy photos of us in front of the usual touristy things (Space Needle, Pike Place Market). Next time, I promise!


4 thoughts on “in like a lion.

  1. the hat is adorable!

    and how were the mountain goats? i kept missing them when they came to toronto, and now it seems like they never visit montreal. boo. i

  2. I’m with you 100%. Cotton Ease is the DEVIL. never again. NEVER!!

    jessica’s sweater is supercute though. I’m so glad she likes it. I can’t imagine doing all that work with that horrible yarn and then having the person not really like it. I think i would make elise eat her socks, if she didn’t appreciate the cotton.

    ps. cherry blossoms? *sob*.
    i’m so in sakura-withdrawal. please run down view in the petal-snow for me.

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