long weekend.

The wonderful thing about living in BC again is that this province observes two statutory holidays for the Easter long weekend, instead of just one. I like this stretch of a four day work week, four day weekend, four day work week.

My plans for the long weekend:

– go to Gabriola island with Brian, Sarah, and Silas
– knit a baby sweater
– finish my book
– use up some film
– finish some long overdue letters
– drink some wine
– hang out with Deanna

Have a wonderful four days!


2 thoughts on “long weekend.

  1. Ah, but it’s not an official stat holiday. It’s mainly for goverment workers and those in education. So I’m at work today. 😦 It’s quite silly really, it’s like a ghost town! Barely anyone was on the streets this morning.

    Hope you had fun at Gabriola Island!!!

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