This will have to be quick since it’s 7:33pm and Earth Hour is in 27 minutes. Are you participating? BC Hydro will be tracking electricity usage and I’m really interested to see the results. We’re quite power smart already using florescent bulbs and switching off our power bars at night. Silas and I might play Carcassone by candlelight.

Here are several pictures of my latest finished knitting project. It’s the Tulips baby sweater kit by Dream in Color, knit with Dream in Color Classy. I bought the yarn in Seattle (as mentioned in a previous post) and started it last weekend on Gabriola island, finishing it up and blocking on Thursday evening. It fits her very well and will (hopefully) fit for another few months. Instead of using the blue for the border, I bought a skein of Classy in Cocoa Kiss for the darker edging because Tomma looks very good in bold, dark colours.

finished tulips sweater

close up

baby model

tomma's back

Notice Silas in the background offering Tomma some beer.


8 thoughts on “tulips

  1. i’ve been in love with that sweater since the harlot went through an obsession with them last year. Yours/tomma’s is super sweet. I think half of your cute knitting is the cute model!

    I’ve got heaps of left over-y bits that it would work well with. Any chance of sharing the pattern? or do you have EZ’s baby surprise jacket?

  2. That is so stunning. I may have to buy the kit if I make it to So Much Yarn next month!

    And Magnus and I love Carcassonne, too! We haven’t played it in a while, I’ll have to pull it out again.

  3. Your niece is the Cutest Baby Of All Time. Tell Silas I disapprove of his corrupting her.

    And the sweater is beautiful!

  4. Tomma looks just like a little dolly in that sweater. What a sweetie!

    You’re probably disappointed to hear that the Really Big Storm has failed to materialize. Rain and snow forecast, just not in the biblical quantities originally thought. Just enough to fill the potholes…

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