later, gators.

I’m starting to think I may not update this blog anymore. I’m just very lazy when it comes to writing coherent entries and updating with photos. Also I think the people reading are also my friends on other websites that I visit and update regularly (namely Ravelry, Flickr, and Livejournal). Maybe I’ll feel inspired again after the winter?


Let’s just consider this a hiatus. I signed up for a Tumblr today. I like it so far. Maybe I’ll see you there!


2 thoughts on “later, gators.

  1. Hi Jen! I don’t know if you remember from the Victoria Bitchy Bees. I love the embroidered pillow in the background of that picture. Did you make it? I’m starting to dabble in embroidery and I’m looking for a pattern just like it 🙂

    • Hey Natalie! Of course I remember you. Unfortunately, I do not have the pattern for the embroidered pillow as it was a gift from a former co-worker. Maybe the Button & Needlework boutique would have something similar? They’ve got tons of patterns. Good luck!

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