So much information; so much reading; so many new people; so many new things. I’ve been bumbling my way through the first week of school and trying to get organized. I’ve been marking so many emails as “unread” so I’ll remember to go back and reply to them. Silas and I have switched roles as he is now working and I am the student. I feel fortunate to have such a supportive partner as I try to get in to a groove.

Class lectures have been hit and miss. Most are really engaging and a few have been snooze fests. Yesterday, half way through the day my backpack zipper broke so I went to buy a the exact same one. I’ve been thinking about getting a Fjallraven backpack for a little while and went as far as going to a few different stores in town to try one out. It was hard to justify it when I have a couple of perfectly functional bags that I could use for school. When my zipper broke yesterday, I immediately thought of the cute little arctic fox, but in the end I went with spending $12 instead of $65. I feel a slight pang of guilt buying a coffee for $1.47 but I need to get over that. Especially if I’m going to make it through the day (see: snooze fest, above). Making the transition from the working world (read: steady income) to full time school (read: student loans) has been a humbling experience. But enough about money.

The point of all this is to say that I’ve been a little busy but stay tuned for a bits of my weekend-inspired post. It’s from last weekend and I had intended to post it on Monday. Punctuality is not my strong suit.


4 thoughts on “bumble

  1. Hey Jen!

    Glad to hear you’re getting into the swing of things over there on the other coast. šŸ™‚ Just wanted to say that mec has a wicked warranty on their products. They guarantee everything with a mec label on it. They’ll probably exchange your broken zipper bag for a new one for free. I know it’s only $12, but again, IT’S $12!!! Perhaps you can bring in the receipt and the broken bag and they could give you store credit or an exchange.


    • Hi Mary! Thanks for the comment. Sadly, I am quite far from any coast as I don’t count Lake Ontario. I’m missing the ocean more than I expected to!

      It’s funny because I’ve had several other successful MEC backpack replacement exchanges, but the guy I got when I went wasn’t having any of it. I could’ve/should’ve been more persistent but the pack was a couple years old and only $12.

      Say hi to the Bees for me! I hope the new knit night location is cozy.

  2. I didn’t realize you were blogging again. Hi! I love reading your words.

    I also second asking MEC about an exchange for your bag. They’re really good for that stuff!

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