last weekend

Last weekend.
pho hung
Pho Hung. Silas has long arms which makes photos like this possible.

One of my oldest friends Tony was in town for the film festival and stayed with us. We don’t see each other that often but when we do, it never feels like much time has passed between visits.




cards of the birthday & wedding variety.

owl pillow!
Samantha gave me this lovely owl pillow after coming to my house for tea and noticing several other pieces of owl-themed decor. So sweet! The other pillow was purchased from Samantha’s old distro, Racer. It was made by Catherine Toews. (Side note: I just googled Catherine for the first time in YEARS and discovered she has this portfolio and is in a grad program through UVic!  If you’re reading this Catherine: hello & I hope you are well!)

Teri & Andrew gave us this beautiful piece of art as a belated wedding gift. It’s from the Acropolis archaeological museum. It is a ceramic replication of a wall painting from Akrotiri on Thera (Santorini) in Greece. It’s two mating swallows flying over red lilies. I don’t know that I have it placed right side up but I figure it’s open to interpretation.


7 thoughts on “last weekend

  1. I love all these pictures, and I’m happy that I’ll be able to see you guys in Toronto when I come back to visit. And Andrew and I are both thrilled that you guys have the birds on display – it was oriented that way in the museum, actually!

  2. Lovely ladies!
    How amazing to see so many website wonder women all in one place! Jen, I am so touched that you’ve kept the pillow all these years. I’m glad to see that you’re doing well. Oh, Racer Distro – fond memories for sure. Speaking of which, hello Samantha!

    (Virtual) hugs and hellos to all of you,

  3. i’m doing the seneca/york uni joint program that’s 4 years. i wanted to do 2nd entry to finish sooner but i thought i’d get the whole experience. haven’t taken any med/surg classes yet but i’m looking forward to it!

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