autumn weekend



colour on grey skies

Last Saturday I took a break from school work and Silas and I went for a walk around the neighbourhood. I got a chance to take some photos of the lovely fall colours in Trinity Bellwoods Park.

chocolate almond

We stopped and got a chocolate almond croissant from Nadège and sat on a bench and watched all the zombies walk by.

Also on Queen West, I spotted one of biggest crushes from my late adolescence: Scott Speedman. I watched Felicity obsessively in my late teens/early twenties and while my head knew that Noel was better boyfriend material, my heart pitter pattered for Ben Covington. You can imagine my excitement at this (relatively minor) celebrity sighting. Silas spotted him first but didn’t say anything because he knew how I’d react, and he wanted me to notice him myself. When I realized Mr. Speedman was walking towards us, I exclaimed, “That’s Scott Speedman!” probably a little too loudly. He sorta grinned at me. Swoon! Silas and I have lived in Toronto for just over three months now and we’ve had a fair share of celebrity sightings. I don’t think it’ll ever get old – I spent too much time in my formative years reading Bop magazine and watching Entertainment Tonight.

Sunday was Canzine and it was my first time attending. It was a beautiful venue and I saw so many lovely people but I felt overwhelmed by most of it. It was really warm in the Great Hall and I think I was overstimulated, mostly. I wish I’d browsed a bit more but before I knew it, it was time for Teri‘s reading.

teri reading

She read from an anthology called She’s Shameless and I bought a copy of her first book, Bats or Swallows. I’m looking forward to taking my copy to her Toronto book launch (November 8th) and asking her to sign it!

In conclusion: I had a lovely weekend. It was the first weekend in a few where I’ve felt okay taking breaks from school work. Having said that, I should get back to my readings. Tomorrow, I have to demonstrate the steps and skills involved in a sterile wound dressing change. And I’m being filmed while doing it. And! My instructors and peers will be reviewing my technique. Egads.


3 thoughts on “autumn weekend

  1. So great seeing you on Sunday, Jen!

    Those autumn trees photos are incredible. And ahhhh Scott Speedman! I saw him once in Toronto years ago and kind of trailed him for awhile. How can you not?!

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