a new year

we got some snow last week.

It’s 2011! Happy New Year!

I survived my first semester back at school. They’re certainly not joking around when they say my program is accelerated. What’s usually a four year program is crammed into twenty months, and at the end I will be a registered nurse. I’ve had the privilege of providing care for older persons, people who’ve experienced life changing events and are now living with disabilities, people with chronic illness, new mothers and their even newer babes, and I’m currently in my pediatrics clinical rotation. I can say, without a smidgen of doubt, that I made the right choice in pursuing nursing. It has been intense and hectic but I’m feeling so fulfilled, engaged, and challenged. I’m happy.

S and I had a very relaxing time in Saskatchewan over the holidays. It felt so nice to leave the city and be in wide open spaces. We spent time with his parents, sister, grandmother, aunts, uncles, cousins (including Lewis, Joel, and cousin-to-be Bethany), and our dear friend Lori who also happens to have relatives in the same town where we do. We spent nine days on the prairies and then came back to a mild and dry Toronto. (The photo above was from January 8th.) S had a short week back at work and I was still on break from school, so we were still very much in holiday mode when we returned. We went out for brunch, walked around our neighbourhood, window shopped, and visited with friends. We rang in the new year at our friends’ house party. We drank cider and champagne, kissed at midnight, and called our loved ones. I insisted we take the subway home two stops when we easily could’ve walked, just because it was free. On New Year’s Day, I made the traditional Korean New Year soup and we curled up on the couch watching episodes of Seinfeld. It was perfect.

While we’re on the subject of the new year, let me share my resolutions. There are two I’ve come up with that, upon first glance, seem to contradict one another.

1. Make more time for the things I enjoy. (Spending time with my partner, my friends, knitting, calling far away people, making photos.)
2. Update this blog more often (at the very least, once a month).
3. Spend less time on the internet.

Let me clarify. I spend a lot of idle time on the internet. Especially when I’m supposed to be doing something that resembles school work. I will spend far too much time refreshing Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Google Reader, etc. We’ve all done it. So, my resolution should actually read: do what you need to do on the internet and then TURN IT OFF.

And with that, I’m turning it off. Happy new year friends!


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