good weekend

tea with samantha

the return of barefeet.

mini pavlova

Friday: Tea with Samantha followed by a walk around Koreatown in the morning; used up some gift cards at the Eaton Centre in the afternoon; went to our friend Cory’s birthday party in the evening.
Saturday: Sunshine, warm breezes, walks around the neighbourhood, napping on the couch, eating salsify for the first time, braised ham, mini pavlovas, Scrabble and wine.
Sunday: A birthday brunch at the Gladstone for Samantha including Jason, Teri & Andrew, Pamela, and Amy; caught up on missed episodes of Modern Family on the internet; an afternoon drink with Ally; soup & sandwiches for dinner; re-watched Rachel Getting Married while knitting; accidentally stayed up until 3am to finish reading The Help.

Today is my last day of spring break. Back to the grind tomorrow for seven more weeks of classes. I had such a nice week off. I hope you had a nice weekend too!


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