silas at 30

Yesterday was Silas’ 30th birthday. Being an introvert means he generally doesn’t like his birthday or the attention that comes with it. I lean more towards the extrovert side of the spectrum and love all things birthday related. This means I like making a big deal about milestones like turning 30 and I write about it in every internet medium available. Silas was convinced I was organizing a surprise party for him and was preparing himself for how he would react to it if it happened. I kept asking him where we were going for dinner or where he’d like to go for drinks so I think this caused suspicion. But I know Silas well enough to not spring something like that on him.

We went out for dinner at a little place by our house called The Roxton. We ordered a charcuterie platter to start, Silas had the reuben with soup, and I had a burger with chips and salad. So much meat. We walked home a little bit tipsy and he opened his presents.


Not shown is the post-script I wrote in his card promising to knit him a (long awaited) sweater before he turns 31. Writing it on the internet make me extra accountable.

Then we listened to LCD Soundsystem and had a mini dance party by our front door.

dance party

I lit sparklers and presented Silas with his birthday lime tart.

lime tart

Recipe here:

Happy 30th to you, Silas!


10 thoughts on “silas at 30

    • Thanks S. I’m happy I updated it too! I don’t want to make any promises but I hope to keep it up and blog a bit more this year.

  1. happy birthday Silas! (even though I’ve never met you). And thanks Jen for the links! I love lime, and my hubby is a bit introverted (and I’ve definitely an extrovert). Those tips will be very handy!

  2. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY SILAS! Ah, at least you got to light sparklers. I had sparklers for Jon’s birthday once, but he didn’t want them lit. He just wanted the cake/pie/birthday dessert.

    Did he actually get a toolbox? I love that.

    • I really love sparklers so I think I was more excited about them than he was. And yes, I did get him a toolbox! He wanted & needed one and it’s a timeless item. So much nicer than some of the drab plastic ones out there.

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