As you’ve probably already gathered, my name is Jen. I am twenty-nine years old. I used to journal online with regularity on a few different sites but then just sort of drifted away. I tend to get distracted easily. I live in Toronto with my partner Silas, but before here I/we spent some time in BC and Saskatchewan.

A lot of my free time is spent knitting, making photos, cooking, drinking coffee, and reading. I get around on my bicycle, I chat with friendly strangers, and my library card gets frequent use. Basically, I try to live my life like this but without being hokey or contrived.

Here’s a list of some likes & dislikes.
Nay: mosquito bites, plastic knitting needles, improper apostrophe usage, olives, chocolate milk. (I know, I’m a weirdo. Who doesn’t like chocolate milk?)
Yay: making lists, letters & penpals, road trips, feminism(s), Korean foods, thrift shopping, summer picnics, Crokinole, punny jokes, and the Oxford comma.

Thanks for stopping by.


3 thoughts on “about

  1. I never knew what an Oxford comma was, but now I do. I read through the Wiki stuff, and found that I can use it (or not) the way I always have. I tend to write the way I talk, and the phrasing tends to dictate the placement of my punctuation.

  2. I stumbled on your blog via Nikki’s (a small song) blog, and was wondering–do you do custom knitting requests? I recently lost my winter hat, and have been lamenting it very much so. I bought it at Ten Thousand Villages (but they’re all out now, as it’s summer), and was hoping that I could find someone who I could pay to knit, rather than waiting and finding something at Evil-Mart (wry smile).

  3. Jen

    I’m going to make the Dream In Color Tulip Sweater and I was looking for different colorways to do it in. I like yours the best and I think I’ve picked the colors from looking at your blog but I wanted to check and make sure. Descending from the top of the sweater, are the colors as follows:

    Lipstick Lava
    Strange Harvest
    Spring Tickle
    Happy Forest
    Cocoa Kiss
    Some Summer Sky
    Visual Purple
    Blue Lagoon

    Love the way your sweater turned out and the kid turned out pretty good too!


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