ikea hack

Last weekend, whilst avoiding schoolwork a tiny bit, I turned an Ikea serving platter into a jewelry stand. I’d been on the hunt for one for the past year and nothing in the stores really satisfied me. I didn’t want to settle on something ho-hum. When in doubt, DIY! I bought the serving platter a couple of months ago and the pretty paper from Midoco and the Paper Place in February. I don’t know why it took me so long to actually put it all together. It only took about 20 minutes!

ikea hack
before assembly

I used a little bit of Elmer’s glue to secure the paper to the glass. The bottom piece of paper with the ginkgo leaves ruffles a little bit on the edges. I’m okay with it.


Here it is in action. It lives on the dresser in our bedroom. This is much better than me rifling through several tiny boxes to find what I’m looking for in the morning.



silas at 30

Yesterday was Silas’ 30th birthday. Being an introvert means he generally doesn’t like his birthday or the attention that comes with it. I lean more towards the extrovert side of the spectrum and love all things birthday related. This means I like making a big deal about milestones like turning 30 and I write about it in every internet medium available. Silas was convinced I was organizing a surprise party for him and was preparing himself for how he would react to it if it happened. I kept asking him where we were going for dinner or where he’d like to go for drinks so I think this caused suspicion. But I know Silas well enough to not spring something like that on him.

We went out for dinner at a little place by our house called The Roxton. We ordered a charcuterie platter to start, Silas had the reuben with soup, and I had a burger with chips and salad. So much meat. We walked home a little bit tipsy and he opened his presents.


Not shown is the post-script I wrote in his card promising to knit him a (long awaited) sweater before he turns 31. Writing it on the internet make me extra accountable.

Then we listened to LCD Soundsystem and had a mini dance party by our front door.

dance party

I lit sparklers and presented Silas with his birthday lime tart.

lime tart

Recipe here: http://everybodylikessandwiches.com/2012/01/lime-tart/

Happy 30th to you, Silas!

what’s in your bag

Yesterday, Silas and I had coffee with Samantha & Jason, followed by a walk around Trinity Bellwoods, and then an afternoon beer at a divey bar on Queen West I can’t remember the name of. The weather was perfect and the park was full of people, babies, and dogs. We met a very friendly Labradoodle who you can see in this photo by Samantha. I’d really like to have a dog and likely will once I’m finished school. In the meantime, I’ll live vicariously through friends and strangers.

I took lots of photos yesterday with my Pentax K1000 and I haven’t yet finished the roll so I likely won’t post them for at least another week. There’s something satisfying about having to wait until I get my photos developed. As much as I enjoy modern conveniences, I can appreciate the mystery of having to wait to see what my photos look like. Now that the weather is so much more pleasant, I’m feeling much more inspired to take a camera with me everywhere I go.

Today I’m heading to the library to get some work done on an assignment due on Tuesday. I was going through my things this morning and transferring clipboards and notes to a different bag for the week. And because I was procrastinating, I decided to take a “what’s in your bag” photo before getting to work.

You can click the photo for more info on Flickr! And with that, I’m off to hit the books.

spring fever

Oh hello! Sorry to have neglected you for so long, dearest blog. It’s currently 8ºC and sunny in Toronto, and I’ve got a serious case of spring fever. All I want to do is ride my bike and feel the sun on my face. I’m still in classes and will be until mid-June and to be quite honest, being so busy is wearing me down. I know this change of season will provide a much needed pick-me-up. This afternoon, I bought myself a $2 bánh mì on Spadina with the intention of eating outside. Unfortunately, the ground and benches were a bit wet from the rain this morning, so I ate my sandwich while waiting for a streetcar. But I was outside, wearing a spring jacket without mittens! It was glorious.

a new year

we got some snow last week.

It’s 2011! Happy New Year!

I survived my first semester back at school. They’re certainly not joking around when they say my program is accelerated. What’s usually a four year program is crammed into twenty months, and at the end I will be a registered nurse. I’ve had the privilege of providing care for older persons, people who’ve experienced life changing events and are now living with disabilities, people with chronic illness, new mothers and their even newer babes, and I’m currently in my pediatrics clinical rotation. I can say, without a smidgen of doubt, that I made the right choice in pursuing nursing. It has been intense and hectic but I’m feeling so fulfilled, engaged, and challenged. I’m happy.

S and I had a very relaxing time in Saskatchewan over the holidays. It felt so nice to leave the city and be in wide open spaces. We spent time with his parents, sister, grandmother, aunts, uncles, cousins (including Lewis, Joel, and cousin-to-be Bethany), and our dear friend Lori who also happens to have relatives in the same town where we do. We spent nine days on the prairies and then came back to a mild and dry Toronto. (The photo above was from January 8th.) S had a short week back at work and I was still on break from school, so we were still very much in holiday mode when we returned. We went out for brunch, walked around our neighbourhood, window shopped, and visited with friends. We rang in the new year at our friends’ house party. We drank cider and champagne, kissed at midnight, and called our loved ones. I insisted we take the subway home two stops when we easily could’ve walked, just because it was free. On New Year’s Day, I made the traditional Korean New Year soup and we curled up on the couch watching episodes of Seinfeld. It was perfect.

While we’re on the subject of the new year, let me share my resolutions. There are two I’ve come up with that, upon first glance, seem to contradict one another.

1. Make more time for the things I enjoy. (Spending time with my partner, my friends, knitting, calling far away people, making photos.)
2. Update this blog more often (at the very least, once a month).
3. Spend less time on the internet.

Let me clarify. I spend a lot of idle time on the internet. Especially when I’m supposed to be doing something that resembles school work. I will spend far too much time refreshing Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Google Reader, etc. We’ve all done it. So, my resolution should actually read: do what you need to do on the internet and then TURN IT OFF.

And with that, I’m turning it off. Happy new year friends!

i’ve been here for years.

Oh, hello.

I might be coming back. In the few months leading up to the move to Toronto, I’d been thinking a lot starting up this blog again. I’ve always enjoyed documenting my life (online or otherwise) through words and photographs (remember good ol’ Livejournal?) and I miss it. These days, I have a lot of new things to document and a lot of free time to do it in, so here we are. I’m not going to make any promises, but I’d like to try to post with some regularity. And in all honesty, I don’t mind if no one reads this. It’ll be nice to look back on years from now.

later, gators.

I’m starting to think I may not update this blog anymore. I’m just very lazy when it comes to writing coherent entries and updating with photos. Also I think the people reading are also my friends on other websites that I visit and update regularly (namely Ravelry, Flickr, and Livejournal). Maybe I’ll feel inspired again after the winter?


Let’s just consider this a hiatus. I signed up for a Tumblr today. I like it so far. Maybe I’ll see you there!


Apparently I’m really bad at updating this thing. Oops! I’ve been crafting but mostly just documenting what few projects I’ve completed on Ravelry.

Sorry dudes.

oh, hello!

Woops. Where did those last two months go? I have obviously fallen behind on my blog updates but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been keeping up with my regular online haunts. However, a lot has happened since the last time I posted way back in April!

1. I got a new job! I’m working at a women’s clinic and learning tons about women’s health, public health policy, doctors in Victoria (particularly those who are/are not pro-choice), and have met so many pleasant midwives and women’s health care professionals.

day one.

2. At the end of May we drove down to central Washington for Sasquatch and met up with friends from Vancouver, Saskatoon, and Toronto. After three days of roasting in the sun and listening to excellent indie bands, we drove for 19 hours straight to Saskatchewan for a week long visit there. Saskatoon will always and forever have a place in my heart. You know those places where everything just feels right? The city and community just seem to open their arms and give you big hugs? That’s Saskatoon for me. It was lovely. We went to Silas’ parents farm for a few days as well where I always feel so humbled. Seeing hard-working communities that feed people makes me feel so appreciative. Farmers do not get enough respect.


3. After being back home for only two weeks, Silas and I packed our bags up again for a weekend trip to Calgary to see our dear friend Samantha marry a lovely man named Jason. We got to catch up with Calgary friends, including some of whom I have known for 6 years all thanks to the internet, as well as my old roommate Barry whom I lived with in my third year of university.

happy friday

4. Summer has finally granted Victoria with its presence. Today for example, there isn’t a cloud in the sky and the market was bustling with people, and I was soaked with sweat after my bike ride home. It was a chilly spring, so chilly in fact that we were worried about our composting worms being outside. But no need to worry about that now. Which gives away number 5 on the “new things since last post” list…

5. We started vermi-composting!

6. I’ve been biking to work which is about an 8.5km ride each way. Silas read this book called The Blue Zones for a freelance story he was writing; it’s about areas of the world where people live the longest and their habits and diets that may contribute to long active lives. One of the things is incorporating exercise in to your daily routine (like communiting to work or gardening) instead of putting time aside for exercise (such as going to the gym or running marathons). I’m not biking every day but I’m hoping to keep it up for at least 3 days a week.

So. That’s what’s been going on with me. We have dedicated ourselves to paying off some credit card debt, so Silas and I have been on a very tight budget for the past month. Once the debt is gone, we’re going to start some serious saving to start a little cushion for when the time comes to (eep!) get a mortgage. This is very difficult for a spendy person such as myself. Silas is very good money and I am terrible with saving. The only major planned purchases are new bikes for ourselves, which won’t happen until after we sell our car. Luckily we have interested buyers and we’ll still have the luxury of driving for the rest of the summer (for day trips and camping) as the interested buyers aren’t moving here until the end of August.

As for crafting, I’ve been kniting a few different projects and finishing some long term projects that didn’t need to take as long as they did. Currently on the needles are my Tangled Yoke cardigan and the Lace Ribbon scarf. I finished up a pair of socks for Dan’s birthday and a few nights ago sewed up a pouch (with my sister’s guidance) to hold my current knitting project. Here are some pictures!

BIL socks

linen pouch w/applique


That’s all for now. I promise I won’t be such a stranger any more.