good weekend

tea with samantha

the return of barefeet.

mini pavlova

Friday: Tea with Samantha followed by a walk around Koreatown in the morning; used up some gift cards at the Eaton Centre in the afternoon; went to our friend Cory’s birthday party in the evening.
Saturday: Sunshine, warm breezes, walks around the neighbourhood, napping on the couch, eating salsify for the first time, braised ham, mini pavlovas, Scrabble and wine.
Sunday: A birthday brunch at the Gladstone for Samantha including Jason, Teri & Andrew, Pamela, and Amy; caught up on missed episodes of Modern Family on the internet; an afternoon drink with Ally; soup & sandwiches for dinner; re-watched Rachel Getting Married while knitting; accidentally stayed up until 3am to finish reading The Help.

Today is my last day of spring break. Back to the grind tomorrow for seven more weeks of classes. I had such a nice week off. I hope you had a nice weekend too!


autumn weekend



colour on grey skies

Last Saturday I took a break from school work and Silas and I went for a walk around the neighbourhood. I got a chance to take some photos of the lovely fall colours in Trinity Bellwoods Park.

chocolate almond

We stopped and got a chocolate almond croissant from Nadège and sat on a bench and watched all the zombies walk by.

Also on Queen West, I spotted one of biggest crushes from my late adolescence: Scott Speedman. I watched Felicity obsessively in my late teens/early twenties and while my head knew that Noel was better boyfriend material, my heart pitter pattered for Ben Covington. You can imagine my excitement at this (relatively minor) celebrity sighting. Silas spotted him first but didn’t say anything because he knew how I’d react, and he wanted me to notice him myself. When I realized Mr. Speedman was walking towards us, I exclaimed, “That’s Scott Speedman!” probably a little too loudly. He sorta grinned at me. Swoon! Silas and I have lived in Toronto for just over three months now and we’ve had a fair share of celebrity sightings. I don’t think it’ll ever get old – I spent too much time in my formative years reading Bop magazine and watching Entertainment Tonight.

Sunday was Canzine and it was my first time attending. It was a beautiful venue and I saw so many lovely people but I felt overwhelmed by most of it. It was really warm in the Great Hall and I think I was overstimulated, mostly. I wish I’d browsed a bit more but before I knew it, it was time for Teri‘s reading.

teri reading

She read from an anthology called She’s Shameless and I bought a copy of her first book, Bats or Swallows. I’m looking forward to taking my copy to her Toronto book launch (November 8th) and asking her to sign it!

In conclusion: I had a lovely weekend. It was the first weekend in a few where I’ve felt okay taking breaks from school work. Having said that, I should get back to my readings. Tomorrow, I have to demonstrate the steps and skills involved in a sterile wound dressing change. And I’m being filmed while doing it. And! My instructors and peers will be reviewing my technique. Egads.

last weekend

Last weekend.
pho hung
Pho Hung. Silas has long arms which makes photos like this possible.

One of my oldest friends Tony was in town for the film festival and stayed with us. We don’t see each other that often but when we do, it never feels like much time has passed between visits.




cards of the birthday & wedding variety.

owl pillow!
Samantha gave me this lovely owl pillow after coming to my house for tea and noticing several other pieces of owl-themed decor. So sweet! The other pillow was purchased from Samantha’s old distro, Racer. It was made by Catherine Toews. (Side note: I just googled Catherine for the first time in YEARS and discovered she has this portfolio and is in a grad program through UVic!  If you’re reading this Catherine: hello & I hope you are well!)

Teri & Andrew gave us this beautiful piece of art as a belated wedding gift. It’s from the Acropolis archaeological museum. It is a ceramic replication of a wall painting from Akrotiri on Thera (Santorini) in Greece. It’s two mating swallows flying over red lilies. I don’t know that I have it placed right side up but I figure it’s open to interpretation.

long weekend.

The wonderful thing about living in BC again is that this province observes two statutory holidays for the Easter long weekend, instead of just one. I like this stretch of a four day work week, four day weekend, four day work week.

My plans for the long weekend:

– go to Gabriola island with Brian, Sarah, and Silas
– knit a baby sweater
– finish my book
– use up some film
– finish some long overdue letters
– drink some wine
– hang out with Deanna

Have a wonderful four days!

catching up.

example one.

We went to Seattle three weeks ago taking advantage of a winter special on the Clipper ferry. We planned the trip around seeing one of our favourite bands at a venue called Neumos. I visited Seattle with my family several times as a kid and a few times with friends as a teenager, but it was always in a car and usually just for a day. Exploring a new(ish) city is best done by foot and we had amazing weather.

We had Indian food at a place called Pabla the first night after wandering around the same streets for about an hour. It was delicious, incredibly spicy, and reasonably priced. The next morning we got up early and left the hotel by 7:50am and had coffee at a cute little bakery (and the name is escaping me now) in the Belltown district. We planned to have breakfast at Cyclops which was recommended to us by Mary but because it didn’t open until 9am, we had around an hour to be tourists and went up to the top of the Space Needle (see above). We headed back to Cyclops and I had a black bean omelet. Silas had salmon eggs benny. We also treated ourselves to American junkfood, including Tim’s Cascade chips which are seriously the Best Chips Ever. I remember eating them all the time when we would visit Bellingham when I was a kid and I am so bummed that we didn’t bring some back with us.

american junkfood

That night we went exploring around the Capitol Hill area looking for a place to eat and settled on the Broadway Grill, which we discovered later is known as “Gay Denny’s”. I had an awesome greek turkey burger and I think Silas had some sort of cajun burger. Then we went to the show.
john darnielle

Music: To be honest, at the beginning of the night I was feeling really tired. We had spent the whole day walking, at times carrying several shopping bags (more on that later), and my feet were sore. I began to feel like I was too old for shows and the crowd was annoying. Luckily there was a couch on the second level. The second level was also the all ages section of the show and it was nice to see people so excited and giddy about music and less pretentious and aloof like the crowd below. Jeffrey Lewis opened and his lyrics are brilliant and witty and my energy level was slowly rising. The Mountain Goats set was fantastic and I sang along like everyone else. But then it was getting late, and I was ready to leave after the first encore. BUT. Then on the second encore, John Darnielle says “my friend Ben is going to join us on this one” and Ben f-ing Gibbard came on stage and they sang Palmcorder Yajna. It made me feel all young, giddy, and excited about music again. So in the end I had a great time.

Shopping: Collectively Silas and I bought: a pair of shoes, a hat, a scarf, a dress, a pair of jeans, a book, socks, and some yarn. I only got to one yarn shop So Much Yarn, recommended by Elisabeth and bought some fiberlicious Dream in Color.

tulip kit


Favourite: Best part of Seattle? My favourite part was visiting the Seattle Public Library. It is an amazing building and exactly what a library should be: functional, attractive, welcoming, and beautiful. Why don’t more city planners get that pleasing aesthetics, cool architecture, interesting art, and bright vibrant colours in buildings make people want to be there. What an amazing building. I can’t even describe how much I loved it and how I could have spent hours there. It is definitely a must see.



Note: the Clipper ferry is very fast and sometimes the water is very rough. Walgreen’s store brand Gravol (or as Americans know it, Dramamine) is VERY effective.

The end!

groundhog weekend.

There’s nothing I love more than a lazy weekend. After a particularly hairy week at work, I came home on Friday night, put on my pajamas, ate comforting food, and let my brain go mushy while watching back-to-back-to-back episodes of CSI: Miami. How sweet it was.

The rest of the weekend followed suit: sleeping in, moving slowly, shopping for groceries, eating good foods, drinking coffee, and doing whatever I wanted.

sunday coffee

I finished Silas’ birthday socks (three weeks after his birthday) and he agreed to model them for blogging and Ravelry purposes.


Today I wore my new favourite shirt, my most comfortable pair of jeans, and my favourite toque. I made soup and read some of my favourite cookbooks.

how to eat

I’m anticipating a particularly dreadful Monday morning. I really hope Wiarton Willie is right.

happy ness

The last four days were spent in the boreal forest of northern Saskatchewan at the Ness Creek Music Festival. It was a lovely weekend full of sun, heat, camping, dirt, stinky outhouses, hippies high on life (and other substances), beautiful stars in the night sky, northern lights, and good friends.

There was swimming in Nesslin Lake and lounging on the beach:


beach bums

Cuddling and reading with S. in a hammock:


Delicious food provided at the community kitchen:

community kitchen
At Ness Creek, there’s a community kitchen where everyone contributes food and the awesome volunteers make a big communal supper for everyone using the ingredients.

Good music and dancing barefoot in the sand:

main stage

And an impromptu stitch & bitch of sorts:

A good weekend. And ahead of me is a week of furious knitting and packing.

More photos here.